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Construction and Maintance

WellDone Homez delivers construction and maintenance services at all levels. We handle the construction of pre engineered building solutions in our turnkey project solutions. We also handle interior turnkey project assignments covering the entire spectrum of activities in setting up your premises. The customized costs and supply of the best quality products are the foundations of our reputation. The construction staffs have many years experience into executing the most diverse projects effectively. We would develop your infrastructure within record time by arranging double work power and working overtime. Once you assign the responsibility of your assignment to our professionals, we integrate your requirements in a systematic methodology. Our billing and invoicing system is most transparent. Our quote includes the breakdown of services, including official expenditure like tax and license fees. We provide the estimate only following a customized interpretation of your requirements. When you call us, our friendly staff discusses the primary parameters of your project. After we gauge your project needs, our representative sets up a convenient appointment. Inspecting your site and discussing in person help us to set up an effective plan.

We use advanced real estate software solutions to calculate the total costs. We source the products only from the top brands. It is a declared policy of our company in staying away from cheap Chinese items. These extremely low-grade products flood the real estate accessories market, especially in the electronics segment. Our experienced quality department ensures the usage of only the best available electrical and other fixtures. Whether you need to install false ceiling solutions, partition levels, SS railing works, window blinds, or heavy duty racks, give us a call taking the process forward. Besides advanced electric and AC work, our services portfolio includes paint works, flooring, waterproofing, and structure glazing.

You can avail the benefits of our diverse range of maintenance services in part or in full. Contact us for a detailed discussion on your assignment. We promise you do not have to prepare for a surprise extra charge at the culmination of the project. We deliver budget-friendly solutions by virtue of our network of top suppliers. Since we purchase items in bulk and maintain long-term business transparency, the suppliers provide us the items at discounted rates. We extend this cost-effective opportunity to our clients. Once you describe your construction budget, our professionals present the different available options. After you finalize the items, we proceed in completing your assignment within the scheduled duration. We specializes in office constructions and maintenance. Our diverse range of top office modular furniture options sets up the most high-tech office you want. Instilling a distinct gravitas in the office premises is necessary in casting a professional impression. The furniture and overall interior design of the office are the key aspects of establishing the impression. Our expert teams arrange the office d├ęcor under the supervision of a dedicated project manager. The expert executive facilitates effective collaboration between various departments. The manager is always accessible over the phone during office hours. We respond to emails and online inquiries at the earliest, even after the usual office time.